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Thanks to a recently acquired stack of Canadian House & Home magazines, I’ve been indulging in some decor fantasies.  Amplified by a trip to the Decarie Square Winner’s (they have some easy decorating pieces like mirrors and lamps), I’ve been yearning to redesign the smaller spaces in our home- oh wait… all the spaces are small. I like to think of it as incentive.

I started reading this book, back in September, which motivated me to attack all my house projects.  It was incredibly motivating and empowering at first, but then slowly imparted this feeling that nothing was ever going to be good enough. My awareness of all the flaws in our teeny home became unbearable. Everytime I turned a corner, a giant To-Do list stamped itself in my brain. It was crippling and upon Annabelle’s wise advice, I had to stop reading the book.

Yet, now that spring is nearing, the urges have returned. Headboards. Entrances, Wall Units…. Don’t all grown ups have these things?? We recently added bedside tables, but as anticipated, once we added new pieces to the bedroom, everything else looked like garbage! Why is that?? For every new piece that comes, I end up wanting 5 others!

Anyways, this little round up is some inspiration for easy DIY headboards…you know, to add a grown-up feel to my otherwise messy bedroom! Here’s a list of the upcoming things/pieces/work that needs to happen in our nest:

  • Entrance: Create a Landing Strip (change wall mounted lamp, add mirror, add shelf + hooks for kids’ jackets)
  • Living Room: Sew Curtains, Stand-Up Lamp, Wall Unit
  • Bedroom: Headboard
  • Bathroom: Paint, Change Wall Mounted Lamp, Sew Shower Curtain
  • Pia’s Room: Add Dresser, Discard Change Table

I’ll try to keep you posted with some all too revealing before and after shots! But while we’re on the topic… what are some of your home-dec loose ends you’d like to attack this Spring?

If we don’t touch base here on the blog, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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  1. Julie Smith

     /  February 28, 2011

    oh yes, we too are busy plotting our home improvement projects for this spring/summer. one of our “issues” is also the bedroom – it is messy, and lacks storage. do we buy one extra piece of furniture and stick with the old stuff we have? or save up and get rid of it all and buy new stuff. however – we would like to know why ALL the bedroom furniture out there seems to be dark brown/black?