Which Betty Draper Are You?

So the 4th season of Mad Men is about to begin, and so is my infatuation. Bruno and I got so horribly hooked last year that a night could not pass without at least 2 episodes of MM. That didn’t do very much for my productivity.

In my circle of friends, no television character has ever evoked as much debate as Ms Betty Draper. Whether she’s whoring herself around town or “mothering” her children, She’s ALWAYS impeccably turned out. What I love most is that she embodies so many different facettes of womanhood… here are a few of my favorite portrayals:

Friendly and Happy Betty

Smoking Mom Betty

Sultry Vixen Betty

Lobotomized Betty

Equestrian Bitchy Chic Betty

Just Right BettyPile of Tears Betty

So which one are you? Today I feel like Lobotomized Betty… I wonder what tomorrow has in store!

All kidding aside, the show has had a huge impact on trends and retail. I don’t know any other tv show that can boast cross-marketing with Banana Republic!

So in a feeble attempt to make a segway, we’ve added another session of the Summer Skirt in August and stay tuned for the September + October Calendar- we’ve got an AMAZING tunic top/dress workshop coming up for the ladies…