Weekend Recap: A Creepy Bunch!

Sitting down to write the recap was hard today. The weekend was rainy and while it was great and fun, I felt meh about the whole thing, you know? And since there’s a crafty holiday coming up,  I thought I’d try to help you me wiht some creative inspiration.  I’ve rounded up this year’s cutest and seemingly (I use the term lightly) simplest Halloween Crafts to pull off:

{Clothespin Bats : Women’s Day}

{Martha’s Pumpkin Ideas}

{Wild Thing Costume: Sewing Pattern by Running with Scissors}

{Dino Tails: A tutorial by Running with Scissors}

{Animal Felt Masks: Mahalo on Etsy}

{Hitchcock Hallowee: Wildwood Flower}

{Crafty Templates: Country Living}

{Slithering Wreath: Martha Stewart}

{Meatloaf Hand: Not Martha}

{Mary Poppins & Chminey Sweep:  by Keiko Lynn}

{Cross Stitch Pumpkin: Elsie Marley via Craft}

{Easy Felt Ghost: MyPaperCrane}

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8 Responses

  1. Sarah

     /  October 4, 2011

    here’s a little game that may make some of us underachievers ( not you two E&A!) feel a little bit better about Halloween: who wrote the following?: “Halloween? “There were no costumes. There was no anything. We turned off all the lights and pretended we weren’t home,”

  2. justine

     /  October 4, 2011

    A: Martha Stewart’s DAUGHTER.

  3. Sarah

     /  October 4, 2011

    PS. if my kids ever grow up and write a tell all book, there will definitely be a passage about me peeing with the door open…to me this is equal to a declaration of love. Can i pee in front you you = yes = i love you forever.

    But really, who makes their kids wrap their own presents?!?!

    • Annabelle

       /  October 4, 2011

      I agree 100% about the peeing thing – when I read that first excerpt I though the next few would be just as lame… but Nooooooooo… the wrapping-your-own presents thing is definitely a shocker, coming from a woman who dedicates books on ways-to-wrap gifts!

  4. Meghan

     /  October 4, 2011

    Are those book extracts for real?? What?! I love it.

    Um, the Mary Poppins/Dick VanDyke costumes are the best and the meat hand is the creepiest thing i’ve ever seen.

  5. ok. those quotes are HILARIOUS!! Martha’s responses are equally and uncomfortably hilarious!
    @meghan- I want to make those hands so badly!! imagine how grossed out the kid would be??