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I have recently discovered Pinterest. For those of you who haven’t, it is a virtual notice board where you can ‘pin’ and organize all of your favourite web images, quotes, recipes, fashion choices etc. It is a visual feast, and for a certain demographic that I now realize I fall smack dab in the middle of, it can create a deep longing for all things beautiful.

Consequently, I’m not really sure how I feel about Pinterest. I completely understand the desire to organize the zillions of images and ideas that bombard you online (though, in a neat little self-fulfilling loop I never want to use Pinterest more than when I’ve just browsed Pinterest), but I am not sure that the impact of scrolling through thousands of de-contextualized images is entirely healthy for me. Are those pictures from a magazine or do people actually live/cook/dress like that? Why don’t I? Where can I find the time to make bookshelves out of old crates or picture frames with twine and clothes pins? I consume Pinterest in furtive gulps when no one is looking (much like leftover pizza from the fridge) and it tends to leave me in a state of manic restlessness that can only be assuaged by frantic tidying.

But it was only when I saw the Mud Rooms that I knew I could ‘pin’ no longer.

Though, arguably, Ireland should be the birth place of Mud Rooms, most of the “pinned” spaces are larger then my living room and I simply can not look at them any longer. Especially when my front hall looks like this.
pile of shoes

So I wallowed in my lack of space for a little while and then did this.

meghan's shoe solutionshoes

The back door mat with feet was inspired by Meg McElwee’s beautiful patchwork bathmat, but is made with four inch squares and is therefore faster to throw together.
mudroom for small spaces

The shoe pockets (a more precise version of the wall pockets) are made from four fat quarters on a linen background. I intend to sew buttons over each pocket so that they can be fastened closed when not in use …. if that ever happens!

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  1. I too have a giant pile of shoes in my entrance. And though we’re planning a mini redo of that space, I am unconvinced that I can avoid a pile of shoe situation. Let me know how the pocket works out!
    Half of the shoe issues also belong to B and I. I easily have three pairs of shoes in rotation as does B- don’t even get me started with mid-season stuff. Urgh.
    Do you have any “back to school” sewing projects?

    • Meghan

       /  August 11, 2011

      yes, these are definately ‘kid size’ pockets, but it has helped with all the varrious crocs that are floating about, child running shoes and esp baby shoes/slipper things that can all be stuffed into one pocket. That way there is more room for D and my shoes to be lined up beneath. Now, obviously most of the day it still ends up in a pile, but at least everything has a place and that is half the battle.

      And back to school!! Yep, i have school uniform dress and pinafore that i have just started on and am also thinking of a lunch box and napkin sort of thing. I have seen a lunch bag tutorial on the Purlbee blog and there is the bento lunch box thing in the Oliver + s book, but i’m not sure that either of these will be big enough. I have just bought stainless steel eco containers and water bottle and they are faily bulky … have you seen any lunch box patterns anywhere??

  2. Katie

     /  August 11, 2011

    I note that a fat quarter cannot contain your DH’s giant Doc Martens. :) Otherwise, LOVELY!

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