Friday sendoff: Ryan Gosling

It started out innocently enough, as it was my husband that suggested that we watch the movie Drive. Sure? Shrug? I had heard good things, and Ryan was attractive enough, but I wasn’t all crazy about him like some women I knew.

And then I saw this:

Cue a timely suggestion, I put the two Ryans up for debate on last weekend’s either/or and it was an obvious win for Gosling.

That weekend we watched Crazy Stupid Love. During the movie, Dave said “I think Ryan Gosling looks a lot like a dog”… I nodded blankly and in my head I added “.. mmmmhmmmm…a really really really attractive dog.” I found myself the next day re-watching the scene where he takes his top off. ANDYOUWOULDN’T?

Clearly, I had a crush on him. It’s okay, my husband knows this. So while a little sad that my husband went to bed sick as a dog (not the Ryan Gosling kind) earlier this week, I consoled myself by watching The Notebook. No, I had never seen it.  Now my life will remain incomplete until I am rowed romantically through millions of paddling swans & sunlit trees.

The other day I had a meeting at the shop to discuss potential purchase of some advertising and the sales rep wanted to show me something on the computer. He used the shop computer to perform a Google Search, only that he had to delete my last search which was “Ryan Gosling”!  *AWKWARD*! And highly professional! It made for a great story over lunch with the husband, I’m not sure who laughed harder.

Due to all of this newfound obsession passion, I’ve collated some fun intel. If you’re finding yourself drawn in… here’s some fuel for the fire (thanks to my girlfriends for generously sharing):

Also don’t withold your RG links – please share! (Thank you)(You’re welcome.)

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8 Responses

  1. Monia

     /  October 28, 2011

    I love Ryan!!! I get giddy just watching one of his movies. He has a young Clooney about him.
    I enjoy this link, it makes me laugh:


  2. Drive soundtrack has been on repeat this week, combined with my fantasies of being aggressively kissed in an elevator and then my enemy’s skull being crushed before my very eyes! zzzmmmmgghhhhhh

  3. I have a HUGE crush in him as well….. irresistible!

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