friday sendoff: my secret addiction

{from Arty Velarde}

I saw the posts in my FB feed, friends urging me to watch this video and feel inspired! Seriously the best thing they have heard! So true! Amazing! Awesome!

And the tiny little person who avoids advice and inspiration and anything that might benefit me and make me grow into a better human being, immediately shut it down.

“It” being TED talks.

Mind you, I love RSA Animates like Sir Ken Robinson’s Education Paradigms and Barbara Ehrenreich’s Smile or Die … but TED just felt like a weird cult. Or something? I don’t know, I shut it down before I could think about it.

So, if you’re anything like me, you will probably read this and ignore me when I tell you that TED TALKS ARE AMAZING. (For those of you not up for growth or learning things, you can digest this information for a while and come back to my post later. THESE THINGS TAKE TIME! I KNOW!) (For those of you that love TED Talks: YOU WERE RIGHT! I’M SORRY I DIDN’T LIKE YOUR POST ON FACEBOOK!)

In all seriousness, they have been helping me, a lot. They have become my spiritual guide, my path to enlightenment, my new schools of thought. As Brene Brown would urge me to admit, I’m feeling a little vulnerable. Not that I feel sorry for myself because I really don’t. The shop is closing, so I’m feeling like before I take a little step into What’s Next a little life-reflection is necessary. I totally want to INSERT JOKE HERE to make light of the small reveal I just put in this paragraph. But, I won’t. I’m pretty sure that your life isn’t easy either, which is why I’m sharing the idea that TED helps.

This list here features the Most Watched TED talks, which is a great way to start. If you have Netflix, they organize TED Talks in series by general topic (brilliant!).

I will limit myself to sharing two of my favorites (although I snuck in another with Brene Brown above): Dan Gilbert’s Surprising Science of Happiness and Elizabeth Gilbert’s A New Way to Think About Creativity are fascinating and inspiring and funny.

For those of you who also share this addiction: tell me your favorites! I am open to all! And I promise you that “Annabelle Agnew likes your comment” will show up in your notifications this time.

Have a TED-filled weekend xo

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3 Responses

  1. Meghan

     /  September 28, 2012

    Brene Brown is my personal hero. Actually, hers is the only TED talk i’ve watched…. and then i bought her book! I would love to watch more, but sitting down in front of a computer for more then the time it takes to blink is not the way i roll at the moment. Soon. Although I’m also a little daunted by how much is out there… i don’t really know where to start… might check out that most watched list.
    ps. reveal the reveal!

    • Annabelle

       /  September 28, 2012

      Hahah, it’s funny you caught that! I had actually put in something a little more personal but then decided that this was not the space to do it. Vulnerability IS HARD! Anyway, I am with you on the watching stuff on the computer — if we didn’t have it on our TV I probably wouldn’t watch it. (We have a TED channel! Channel!) Definitely going to check out her book!

  2. Stephanie

     /  September 28, 2012

    There’s a channel? The problem for me now, is I get really nervous when meeting someone who has given a talk – I get a little TED starstruck… I found the people I research with from a TED talk, and they are AWESOME!