It’s so hard to say good-bye

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Second week into November, Emeline & I met for breakfast. I said,

“So? How do you feel, now that the shop is closed?”

Emeline went silent.

We both looked at each other and started laughing.

I can tell you that this laughter was BIG and AMAZING, with some table slaps and a little bit of crazy-eyes. We really really laughed. And that is the best way to sum up how we feel, after the last five years of working on this big amazing project.

Our lives have suddenly become much simpler and more focused on our families. We reflected on this and we made a unanimous decision to retire Emeline & Annabelle from the web. We will have our history here to come back and feel nostalgic about, but we feel excited about our individual futures and sharing our stories with each other, every week, over breakfast.

We wish all of you the best. Keep on making things, keep on being the strong, incredible, women that you are.

You inspired us.

Friday Sendoff: gone fishing

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I am out of words for the moment, so simply put, Emeline & I are taking a mini-break from the blog and will return the week of November 5th, 2012 at the end of November. Yes! We are keeping *this* space! We just need some time to re-organize ourselves into this space.

We are happy to announce that the ladies from Espace Tricot are moving in to the former E&A space! You can read all about their news here. We love that the space will continue to be a place of creativity and Melissa & Lisa have been fantastic neighbors for the last three years.

Our store is getting quite empty – so come quick to buy what’s left! All of our tools (remaining rulers, scissors, etc.) and in-store patterns have now been sorted and put out for sale.

Just a quick note that we are closing EARLY tonight at 6-6:30 p.m. and our hours of operation this weekend are Saturday from 10-5, Sunday from 12-5.

Don’t forget to drop by on Sunday from 6-9 p.m.!

xo E & A

Closing Party: Sunday, October 28th

We started out as two young Moms without much money and no idea of where the starting line even *was* to open a shop like this. But after two years of many late nights and one 200 page business plan later: I left a job that I loved and Emeline, about to have her third baby, opened up our dream shop to the public in the Spring of 2010. What is it they say about raising your children?

The days are long, but the years are short. That’s how this feels.

So many sewing tote bags have been proudly carried out our doors by new sewists and so many friendships have been made inside our doors. We may have brought you sewing lessons, but you have taught us invaluable life lessons.

With that said, we want to thank you, so:

Come say good-bye, one last time, this Sunday October 28th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

If you want to drink, bring a bottle of bubbly, wine, beer or water. Drink it with us.

You might want to bring a cup if you like it fancy!

Do not expect any seating! We have sold all our chairs.

I will make sure that there IS a wine opener on the premises.

You can RSVP officially to our event here.

Silent Auction: The Rules

Starting on tomorrow at 10 a.m. we’re selling off all our Bernina Bernette sewing machines, digital sew machine and serger. To be fair, we decided to hold a silent auction, instead of “choosing” who is more worthy of a machine…. because frankly, all of you are.*sniff* But let us not dwell, we wouldn’t want you to go home with your machine and only sob at the sight of it. Happy memories only!

We are also including our Cutting Table as part of the auction.

Here is how the silent auction will work:

WHEN: Thursday, October 25th from 10 a.m. E.S.T. to 9 p.m. E.S.T.


HOW TO PLACE A BID: ONLY. No phonecalls, store drop-ins, etc. will be accepted.(This way, we have chronological tracking of all the bids. This is the most accessible way for everyone to participate.)


1. All items will have a set starting price (bernina sew machines, $250; digital sewing machine, $299; serger, $399; cutting table $299)

2. Bids must be in increments of $10.00 or more

3. Approximately every hour we will update the items HERE and showcase the current/highest bids – along with the leading bidder’s name.

4. When you bid, you’re bidding on ANY bernina machine (unless you specify “digital” or “serger”) and we will reflect the top 5 bids on those machines.

5. The highest bidders as at 9 p.m. EST Thursday night will win the machine and will be notified shortly after (we will publish the names of the winners as well).

6. The winning bidders must pay on Friday, October 26th before 5 p.m. (via paypal, phone, or in store). If you fail to do so the next highest bidder in line will be rewarded the machine.

6. PICK-UP ONLY. No deliveries or shipping. Pick-up begins October 26th at 10 a.m. and ends Sunday October 28th at 4 p.m.

Purchase of sew machines will include:

- 2 bobbins & packet of Schmetz Universal machine needles
- one regular presser foot
- instruction booklet
- handmade sewing machine cover

Please note: Machines are sold WITHOUT WARRANTY and no returns or refunds will be issued.

LIQUIDATION: 40-80% off!


All fabrics from $2.49 to $9.57/meter

All Guterman sewing thread $.89 to $1.59

Embroidery Floss $.25 a skein!

Additional 10-25% off all books & magazines (already reduced)

All in-store patterns will be packaged and priced to sell!

All used sewing tools, kitchen items, office supplies etc. will be priced to sell (starting Friday)!

Also, don’t forget that we have our shop equipment for sale online, too and stay tuned tomorrow to learn how YOU can purchase you own Bernina Bernette.

xo E&A

Either:: Or

Jennifer Anniston/Gerard Butler Romcom :: Katherine Heigl/Ashton Kushter RomCom

Dirty Kitchen Sink :: Dirty Bathroom Sink

Overbook Yourself :: Underbook Yourself

Go to the Dr :: Avoid the Dr

Top Ten Lists :: Before & Afters

Fall asleep while watching tv :: Manage to stay awake

Peacoats :: TrenchCoats

One Stop Shop :: Multi-Stop Shop

Track your Period :: When Is That Happening?

Shop & Sale update

We have been busy pricing items in shop and adding more equipment/furniture to our online shop, not to mention keeping up with all of your visits! If you don’t think you’ll make it in before we close, do try to stop by our Closing Party – you can read up on all the details here.

While we rapidly deplete our fabric stock at its current reduced state, we have added the entire contents of our craft & sewing book library! All commercial patterns have been reduced (upwards of 40-60% off) plus all of our Workshop Samples (i.e. Kimono Dress, A-line skirt, Bathrobe) are all priced and out for sale, too. You will find our beloved bean bags selling at 50 cents each and boxes of buttons and other fun things in bargain bins.

The stools, the mirrors, the fridge, etc. are all up for sale now online - click here – notice that we have one remaining cutting table left! We have reduced the price of the Lucite Chair, the Ivar Shelving Unit and the Coffee Machine & Milk Frother.

Finally, we’re down to the top row of our shelving unit in fabrics, so again, without sounding like we’re repeating ourselves (even though we are!) come in NOW to buy some yardage!

Weekend Recap

Curling up to popcorn, shandies and this movie- which I’m sure will be adapted by Hollywood in no time.

Feeling like I’m spread too thin, recognizing how many texts, emails, and phone calls are owed. Just answering last week’s Either Or!

Spending some time outside of NDG! Hitting St-Henri, Old Montreal and The Plateau- go us!! Appreciating how great our city is.

Trying to accept this transition time, but struggling with all the emotions that are arising.

Hailing this place as the best greasy diner breakfast west of St-Laurent! Under $20 easily buys you more food than you should eat- plus all the elements are good: the toast, the service, the sausages and even the potatoes are good.

Spending time as a couple with other adults another couple, with no kids and plenty of wine? Has the world stopped turning?

Realizing that I would make an excellent antique dealer. Incidentally, if anyone needs a 6 person Danish dining room table and chairs for a great price, email me!

either :: or

Amelie :: Bridget

lesley chesterman reviews :: sarah musgrave reviews

stand-up comedy :: live theater

cowboys :: aliens

pumpkin pie :: roasted pumpkin seeds

loud music in a bar/restaurant :: no music in a bar/restaurant

baby spew :: baby poo

silver :: gold

vegas wedding :: traditional wedding

don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched :: I count on those chickens

US Presidential Race :: Euro crisis

read & reply right away :: read & return to reply when I have more time

friday sendoff: 50 shades

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Not the book!!!

This is about my closet — I went through it the other day and save for one pink pencil skirt, the closest thing to color is blue pinstripe or blue floral or blue plaid. Its black grey brown white. That’s my closet. Now, in some ways it suits me because who cares when everything gets baby spew? But another part of me fears that I’m living my life in fear. Whaaaaaat.

A few years ago, my sister swore to herself to ONLY BUY COLOR and she does – she wears color all the time! And she looks great. But I don’t know if I can take that leap. (Stacy & Clinton: HALP!)

Could you? Or is this not a problem of yours?